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Monday, February 2, 2015

Thriftasaurus #119

Thriftasaurus #119

Hello! Hope you all had a great week. This week I didn't find too much... I found a huge lot of vintage towels! These aren't them all, just showcasing some patterns. I think maybe 12 to 15 unused towels in all! 

I also found a Horizon Blue 024! My second one since November, which I had ended up selling. I am not into 024's.

Also bought this Ronald McDonald glass. No year. Anyone know what decade it's from?

Hope you have a great week hunting! I'm finally on the end of my sickness... so happy! LOL.

Link up if you got some fab finds this week below.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

5 Fire King Things To Own Before I Die

5 Fire King Things 
To Own Before I Die

I recently got the book "Anchor Hocking's Fire King Identification & Value Guide" by Gene Florence for I think $3. There wasn't much FK items in there that I wanted that I didn't already know existed, but still enough stuff to drool over.

Here are some FK things I need to own before I die...

This candle warmer set! This is one thing I had never knew existed until I saw this book. Very stylin'!

I have 1 black polka dot, but I need the whole set. Also need the whole red set. I have one tulip, found at Salvation Army 5 years ago (mint condition).  

I also need the black grease jar. The picture in the book is driving me nuts though.. looks like the lid is on wrong! 

I found out these existed on Instagram (I think) a week or so before getting this book. I need them. With the box. 

Umm.. the rainbow shakers, the red polka dot shakers & the black shakers! I have 1 rainbow shaker, that's it!

What's on your Fire King list, or do you not collect? I want the Gazelle bowl the most, but I didn't see it in this book...